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Hi Everyone, I’m Naeem the founder of




“My Plan To Never Work For Anyone Ever Again”

Working from home or anywhere in the world has always been one of my lifetime goals, in order to get there, I knew I would have to find something online in order for me to achieve this. Now I currently have a day job working the usual 8 am to 6 pm, as we all know that 9 am to 5 pm practically doesn’t exist anymore. Luckily for me, I have a lot of time where I can blog and surf the net during working hours, but the overall goal is to not have to work anymore and become financially free. I’ll explain more below. 


My Financial Lesson In Life…

After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, this completely changed my financial outlook on life. Rich Dad taught me the difference between what an asset is and what a liability is. An asset is something that puts money into your pocket and a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.Now this changed my perspective on a lot of things, My Car, My I-phone, even my house was a Liability! Yes, I said it! your house is a liability!. Anything that costs you money to run every month is a Liability! Therefore, I had to find a way to start building assets! Now Rich Dad explains the concept of wealth.

What is Wealth?

How much would you need in your bank today to consider yourself wealthy?

Rich dad said that he classifies wealth as, how long you can live for, without having to go to work. Therefore, let’s take the sum in your bank that you classified as being wealthy at £100,000 and let’s say its costs you £2,000 a month to live. Therefore, you would only be able to live for 4 years and 2 months, before running out of money. Therefore, you’re only wealthy for 4 years and 2 months. 

Now I had to figure out a way of building an asset, to cover my monthly expenditure. So what would be an asset? Remember an asset is something that puts money in your pocket every month. Therefore, a house on rent, which was giving you profit every month after expenses would be an asset. Or a business which was making you money every month after expenses would be an asset. Or let’s say you managed to build a website from scratch, about a Niche Market and get paid commission for recommending products of your choice and referring people to companies websites by creating posts!

Which one sounds the best to you? The point I am trying to make is this, if you can build your assets up to outweigh your liabilities, then you will no longer have to go to work. That’s right I said it.


Let me explain further, so if it costs you £2000 a month to live and your assets are making you £2000 a month, How long are you wealthy for?


Rich Dad calls this becoming Financially Free!

Therefore, if you want to become financially free you need to build assets!


How to Build Assets…

 So let’s look at our options for building assets in today’s society.

  1. Buy a house and rent it.
  2. Buy stocks and shares that pay dividends
  3. Build a Business
  4. Build a Website which generates money for you.

Buy A House & Rent It, If you didn’t know already I live in London, House prices are extortionate and you need a 25% deposit just to buy a house! let alone a second house you want to rent. Therefore, until I have built up enough wealth I am going to have to rule this asset out, for the time being, it’s just not realistic!

Buy stocks and shares, This is risky especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, also I wouldn’t be comfortable paying somebody a fee to trade for me. I like to manage my own risk, therefore, I am going to rule this option out as I know better ways of gambling my money away ( VEGAS!). Rich Dad says a risk is only a risk if you haven’t done your research.

Build a Business, Now we’re talking, however building a business isn’t easy and Rich Dad recommends Starting a business part-time, then once your income from that part-time business starts to take over your full-time income. Then switch over to your own business! Therefore, I thought to myself I need to start building a business part-time, what’s the best way to do it. On the Internet! so I searched and searched for ways to generate passive income until I came across a programme for.

Building a Website, Not only can you work on your website from anywhere, anytime and anyplace, also once you have it set up and running efficiently this is where you can start making money! By not doing much and I am going to tell you just how to do it for free!


My Search Online for How To Earn Extra Money At Home

So I searched and searched online to try and find a certified way to make money, but everything I tried was either a scam or they just wanted you to pay money for monthly subscriptions promising massive gains in return.








That was until I came across Wealthy Affiliate, the results from WA actually speak for themselves, This is the second website I have created through wealthy affiliate and they teach you to create a website, sign up with an affiliate, Review products and start making revenue from your website.


What is The Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an established Affiliate Marketing educational platform, which has been around for over 10 years. Wealthy Affiliate was set up to help users get online and start generating revenue through creating websites.

The Owners Kyle & Carson created Wealthy Affiliate to show people the way to success through Affiliate Marketing.

kyle-and-carson (1)

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of referring people to large brands and corporate websites and making money off every purchase, that your referral makes.

Please see the diagram below which involves approximately four stages.

  1. Choose A Niche Interest
  2. Build A Website 
  3. Get Visitors 
  4. Earn Revenue 

What are Benefits of Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Kyle and Carson They Built the whole educational platform from scratch and have gone through the affiliate marketing process step by step to show you exactly how to do what they have done and become successful. If you message them, they will reply to you. Now which educational platform do you know, which has the owners participating in their daily activity and replying to your messages first hand.

Here is a snapshot of a message I sent to kyle around the time of joining.





The Biggest Online Community in the world… The community at Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful and they have been taught by Kyle and Carson that you have to give in order to receive, part of the training involves helping your wealthy fellow affiliate members. Everybody in the WA community works on a give first and receive a later basis. Therefore help is never that far away.

Step By Step Training… Kyle and Carson have created Step by step training on how to create your website in small stages, this also includes videos, instructional text and also community support. Therefore every step of the way the community are with you, also there are many tools in which Kyle and Carson Provide us with.

Unlimited Free Websites and Hosting. You get two websites for free using the SiteRubix platform as a free member, these websites are then created in WordPress. This includes hours of free training to get you up and running. Plus you can do whatever you like with your website, any niche you choose there will be a product or service you can sell in relation to your chosen topic.

Affiliation Program The Wealthy Affiliate have a program of their own, where you can promote WA and they will provide you with all the tools and information you need to supply on your very own website. Please see below the difference between a premium and a starter member.


The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

It’s Free, but it does cost to go Premium… You do have to pay to be a premium member, however, this does come with a lot of benefits! Also, if you pay the membership yearly you get a 35% discount, it’s $47 dollars a month or if you pay yearly it works out as $29.91 a month. For what you get at this price, that a bargain, free hosting, unlimited websites and enough training to keep you busy for a year and make you into a professional internet marketer, that is a very small price to pay.

Rome wasn’t built in a day… It is going to take time in order for you to complete all of your training, however, you can do this as quick as you like or just go at your own pace, there really is no rush. You have the full support and the training is of very high quality, therefore, I don’t see why anyone can’t be successful using the formula Wealthy Affiliate has given us.


Start Now!

The only regret you will have is that you didn’t start earlier! Something Kyle said in his training that has stuck in my head.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”


One more thing as a bonus for taking the time to read my review on the wealthy affiliate. If you sign up its FREE and you can enjoy a free starter account but I am also offering a discount of 59% discount if you decide to become a premium member within the first 7 days. When you create your free account not only will I contact you on the first day to help you get your profile set up, I will also Be able to help you throughout the process if you are having any trouble. 




Drop me a comment below or you can always get in touch with me via WealthyAffiliate.com (link to my profile), Also Sign up to my Email list For Free Updates!

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